From Daily to Weekly - New Post Schedule

Peace and blessings! Please forgive the week of no blogging... My schedule changed and it has been constant running back and forth. Everything I have ever done, I have invested years and thousands of dollars. 6 years on my first business. 5 years on this business. 1 year on my cleaning business. and so on... Trial and error is an expensive process - and not just monetarily speaking. You think you do everything right and wonder why the desired effect or results are not the end product. I realize one thing, one of the most important things, I have overlooked. My attitude. A saying I have carried for years and have always loved - "Attitude + Aptitude = Altitude!" Unfortunately, I do not know who to credit with that quote. 

I have always had the best results when I cleared my path of the things which could distract me by having a negative emotional impact. I hold onto things until I can figure out how to fix them. So, it is a taxing process to say the least! However, I can't fix people. Did you know that researchers attribute stress with being a major factor in at least 75% - 90% of all illnesses... In other words, the medical industry believes that most if not all illnesses are first psychosomatic. Negative or stressful thinking must start with a negative attitude, right? So, you can focus on all the right things. You can aim for productivity. You can treat people positively... Yet, all of that together is still outweighed by your attitude.

Emotion seems to create more of a momentum than sheer determination. Like how passion can infect and compassion can last a lifetime. So, I am changing my attitude. The next natural course of things is, "how do I change my attitude?" I am currently reading, "You Are What You Think" by David Stoop, Ph.D. This can answer the "how" much better than I can. Get a copy of this book and see if it can help you develop a better attitude. I promise you will produce a more desired effect. Let me know if it helps you. This is one of my new daily affirmations:  "Attitude + Aptitude = Altitude!"

Now it's on you!!!

If you want to collaborate and post on this platform and provide links to your works, contact me. I will plug you into the schedule. I will only post Sunday mornings for now. Thanks again for the support!


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